Active Audio - Product

Active Audio - created in 2002 by Pr. Xavier Meynial - specializes in sound reinforcement and speech intelligibility in acoustically-challenging environments.


Active Audio designs and manufactures DSP-controlled and passive column loudspeakers, processors, amps and accessories that come as a unique solution for many kinds of places such airport terminals, houses of worship, train and underground stations, conference halls, amphitheaters and so on. If the environment you have work is acoustically difficult, Active Audio has the solution.


The Digital and Geometric Radiation Control technology (Patented) used in the StepArray and RayOn columns allows Active Audio products to be highly capable, cost-effective and user-friendly:

  • Capable, because the engineers at Active Audio have countless years of combined experience in acoustics and have a true passion for what they do.
  • Cost-effective, because the DGRC technology allows for less DSP and amplification channels to be used, while providing perfect control over directivity.
  • User-friendly, because all at Active Audio believe that making the lives of installers and users easier is important and that saving time is saving money in a project.


It is no surprise that many prestigious venues around the world trust Active Audio for their sound reinforcement systems: the Carousel du Louvre in Paris, the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, Presidential Palaces in Europe and Asia, and many others.


All Active Audio products come with a 5-Year warranty; additionally, the RayOn range is EN54-24 certified.