GreenGo - Product

Green-GO is a multi-award winning digital intercom over Ethernet that uses a unique design concept to create complex communication systems suitable for large scale live events, multi-function performance venues, football stadium, high end rental facilities and broadcasters. It is also suitable for building simple, expandable systems for projects with less complex technical requirements and smaller budgets. In essence, Green-GO is the first affordable way to enter the world of digital intercoms.


Green-GO, which is manufactured by ELC Lighting, is designed to operate on any 100Mbit Ethernet network without interfering with other data protocols co-existing on the system and will perform seamlessly even when data traffic levels are high. The system is making a name for itself amongst major USA football leagues and has featured at the famous Glastonbury music Festival in Somerset, England, at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland and on the MUSE world tour.


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