Electro Voice - Product

Electro-Voice founded in 1927 as a microphone company, Electro-Voice has grown into one of ‎today’s dominant worldwide forces in design and manufacturing of top-quality products for ‎broadcast, touring sound, permanently installed sound reinforcement and music playback ‎systems. Recognized the world over as a leader in audio technology, EV is ubiquitous in ‎performing arts centers, sport facilities, houses of worship, cinemas, dance clubs, ‎transportation centers, theaters, and, of course, live music. EV sound systems are heard ‎around the world, on the largest tours, at the biggest events, and in the finest installations. An ‎industry leader for over 80 years, EV provides superior sound solutions that combine ‎engineering excellence with a passion for performance.‎


EV’s reputation for providing superior audio products and dedication to innovation continues ‎today. Whether EV loudspeakers systems, amplifiers or signal processors, the EV solution is ‎always step up in performance and reliability. EV is a product brand of Bosch Security ‎Systems, Inc.‎